What is it like to live in a rural area such as Kornos?

Jan 18, 2021

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Everyone is different, every family is unique, and while some love the vibrant city life, with the hustle and bustle right on their doorstep, for others, it’s a more tranquil routine that appeals. For those who love the city, they accept all the downsides of it. Property tends to be smaller in size and higher in price than more rural properties, while it is common that you are living closer to your neighbours and main streets, often causing issues with noise. Your views are more likely to be of buildings than greenery, and pollution can also be a problem. Of course, there are the plus sides, great bars and restaurants right on your doorstep, museums and theatres, and shops that are open late into the night.

If you prefer living closer to nature, you may choose to move out of the city into green and glorious forest areas, such as Kornos. Only if moving to such areas you can feel closer to nature and benefit from the advantages it has to offer. Kids can run around and play, you can have more space for pets and livestock, while you can also enjoy amazing walks and bicycle rides in the forest right outside your front door. You will have peace and quiet, the nights will be dark and you will have plenty of fresh, invigorating air to breath. At the same time, you will be able to choose from a variety of bigger land areas compared to the ones in the cities and at a lower cost.

Kornos is not as remote as it feels

When you live in Kornos, you really feel as if you’re in a different world; so far away from the city, but in fact, only 25 minutes away from all the three main cities of Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol. So, you don’t have to go without the modern conveniences of being in great proximity to a shopping mall, supermarkets and schools. You have the reassurance that you have a hospital nearby and easy access to the cities for employment purposes. Kornos also provides great proximity to the sea. This area works well as a wonderful place for your permanent residence or for a holiday home.

In the heart of rich forests

Kornos has one of the best forested areas in all of Cyprus. It is a unique location for nature lovers, and it offers plentiful options for outdoor activities. Living amongst nature comes with lower pollution levels and is also good for people’s health and well-being. If you decide to build a house on a plot in Kornos, you can be sure of some beautiful nature views. When you have a spacious plot in an area like this, you are free to live your life as you choose. City life comes with compromises. If you live in a city dwelling, you are conscious of playing music, having the television on too loud, or starting a DIY project too early in the morning. In a rural area such as Kornos, you have space, freedom and peace in mind.

Would you love a more rural life?

Do you dream of escaping to the countryside? With Kornos being so beautiful, yet so close to city amenities, it really is the best of both worlds. We currently have quite a few rural oversized residential plots within our portfolio at very attractive prices, which are offered for the development of houses even with a swimming pool. Could one of them be the location of your perfect home? Get in touch to find out more. It could be the first step on your next big life adventure!