For Auction

Field in Amargeti, Paphos

Property: 7059

Reserve Price €16,000

Status: In Auction (Mar 2nd, 2021)

Sub Type: Field

Reg.No: 0/12431

Sheet: 45/48

Quarter / Block: /

Parcel: 396


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The asset is field in Amargeti, Paphos located approx. 580m southwest of the village center and approx. 330m northwest of Paphos-Amargeti road. The field has an area of 4683sqm and offers good accessibility towards the village center, to the surrounding villages and to Paphos Town. It is also relatively close to a number of amenities and facilities.
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Land Registry

District: Paphos
Municipality / Community: Amargeti
Reg.No: 0/12431
Sheet: 45/48
Parcel: 396
Zone: Γ3


Land Area: 4,683m²

Town Planning

Town Planning Zone: Agricultural
Building Density: 10%
Coverage Ratio: 10%
Max Floors: 2
Max Height: 8.3m
*For any legal matters that might affect the mortgaged property and information about the sale process, the interested buyers should contact Gordian directly.