For Auction

Fields in Dora, Limassol

Property: 5172

Reserve Price €186,920

Status: In Auction (Feb 5th, 2020)

Sub Type: Field

Reg.No: See Description

Sheet: -

Quarter / Block: /

Parcel: -


Share Property


The assets concern the whole share of twenty two (22) agricultural fields in Dora village, Limassol.
The extents of the properties are as follows: 0/10461 (5,352sqm), 0/7151 (6,689sqm), 0/7949 (2,565sqm), 0/10755 (6,638sqm), 0/10759 (4,059sqm), 0/6618 (7,358sqm), 0/10756 (2,088sqm), 0/7818 (9,031sqm), 0/7871 (5,184sqm), 0/8273 (17,392sqm), 0/8399 (12,375sqm), 0/8885 (2,676sqm), 0/8902 (2,927sqm), 0/9785 (1,673sqm), 0/8903 (1,673sqm), 0/9347 (1,422sqm), 0/9771 (2,007sqm), 0/9772 (3,011sqm), 0/9829 (73sqm)
0/9894 (6,689sqm), 0/9922 (6,433sqm), 0/14810 (5,686sqm).
They are located approx. 11.5 km from the motorway that connects the districts of Limassol-Paphos and aprox. 1.5km from the road that connects the villages of Agios Georgios and Kidasi.

The fields have a relatively regular shape with sloping surfaces.
The wider area of the assets comprises of agricultural land.


Land Registry

District: Limassol
Municipality / Community: Dora
Reg.No: See Description
Title Deed: Yes


Town Planning